Blood on the Tracks

Chicago's Best (and only)
Bob Dylan Tribute Band 

  Playing the music of 
  Bob Dylan and more....


About Blood on the Tracks

Chicago's best (and only) Bob Dylan Tribute Band

Blood on the Tracks band performing Bob Dylan Tribute in Chicago

Blood on the Tracks Band

The Blood on the Tracks band was an project started in 2007 by Ron Cohler when he realized that he not only loved the music of Bob Dylan, but people told him he could sing just like Bob. He soon enlisted Mark Mickey on bass. Mark is a life long Dylan fan and adds a wealth of Dylan knowledge. Jim Cone was playing with Mark at the time and so was enlisted in the project. After a few notable guitarists helped with a few gigs, George Kolmar joined to form the band that is now Blood on the Tracks. Then in 2012, Robert Braband joined us on keys and his daughter Rachel joined us on bass in 2017 to complete the finest Rockin' Bob Dylan tribute band in Chicago. We thank Mark Mickey (founding father and Bass), Vicki Mickey (vocals), Craig Mickey (guitars), Brian Mickey (drums, percussion, and color), Ray Kirschner (keyboards), Eli Orfanos (guitars), and Chris West (guitars) for all their help and inputs along the way. Thanks also to Ann the Fan and Paulette and our families and friends for their support.

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Ron Cohler singing in Bob Dylan Tribute Band

Ron Cohler - Vocals, Guitars, and harmonica

Ron began playing guitar just about the time Blood on the Tracks was released and quickly discovered he not only loved these songs, but could play and sing them with a noticeable resemblance to Dylan himself. Over the years, few people ever heard him until recently when the Blood on the Tracks band became a reality. Other favorites include Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Adrian Belew, and The Counting Crows.

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George Kolmar on guitar in Bob Dylan Tribute Band

George Kolmar - Guitars and Vocals

George began playing guitar at 13 years old and had major influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, Steve Morse, Leslie West, Martin Barre, and Pete Townsend. He has played in several Chicago  based bands covering Rock, Blues, Reggae, and R&B. 





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Rachel Braband

Rachel Braband - Bass Guitar

Our newest member is Rachel, who has taken on the bass guitar duties in 2017. 


Robert Braband on Keyboards for Blood on the Tracks

Robert Braband - Keyboards and Vocals (not so much)

Robert took organ lessons from his father, and grew up in the organ loft of Riverview Roller Skating Rink on Belmont Ave. He’s grateful to be launching today into “Jokerman” and “Idiot Wind” instead of “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.” That would be ugly. His influences include anybody who can pull a sweet riff out of a B-3. And whoever figured our how to get a nice Leslie sound out of a motherboard instead of a 150 pound cabinet. Please don’t ever tell him the next song is “All Skate.”

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Jim Cone drumming for Bob Dylan Tribute Band

Jim Cone - Drums and Vocals

Jim has been drumming since he was 12 years old and started playing in his first band at age 14. He enjoys all music that is performed well. Favorites include Led Zeppelin, The Who, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Little Feat, Dixie Dregs, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, and of course, Mr. Bob Dylan. Check out his Internet Marketing Business at

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